Tacoma Gallery, LLC is a Tacoma-based small business run by artists Jane and Jason Sobottka.  Tacoma Gallery is dedicated to Tacoma-themed art, hand-crafted merchandise, and small-group art classes. The Sobottkas also maintain their own studio practices. Jason is currently the Department Chair of Humanities and Visual Art at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, and teaches painting at Tacoma Community College.

In 2018, Tacoma Gallery operated out of the 1120 Hilltop studios, and hosted a number of classes and exhibitions, including Grit City and Tacoma ART. In 2019, Tacoma Gallery decided to move into a private studio, and conduct classes and exhibits with partner organizations, such as our January and February exhibit For Tacoma, at Alma Mater.  Beginning this July 2019, Tacoma Gallery will conduct life drawing classes and drop-in sessions at Tacoma Art Museum.

As of July 2019, requests for private tutoring and custom small classes are being taken on a case-by-case basis.

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Tacoma Gallery’s logo is inspired by the iconic YOU’LL LIKE TACOMA plywood sign, from Tacoma’s history.

For information about art and classes, please contact Jason at jason@tacomagallery.com.

For business partnerships and other inquiries, please contact Jane at jane@tacomagallery.com

Tacoma Gallery, LLC can be reached at: PO Box 1463, Tacoma, WA 98401