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Applied Art-Illustration BAS Courses: Lake Washington Institute of Technology

In addition to designing the curriculum for the college’s 12th bachelor degree, I designed the syllabus and course design for ART 301 Drawing Expression, ART 302 Illustration, ART 305 Figural Form-Making, ART 324 Printmaking for Designers, and ART 401 Senior Studio.

Visual Art Courses: Lake Washington Institute of Technology

While LWTECH had Design and Game Design curriculum, when I was hired in 2008 there were no general education Visual Arts courses. I designed the majority of the arts courses and these classes are face to face, hybrid, online synchronous (using ZOOM or Microsoft Teams), and asynchronous online. The courses that I wrote for the college catalog, designed coursework, and taught include:

ART 100 Art Appreciation, ART 102 Design 1, ART 111 Beginning Painting for Non-Majors, ART 112 Intermediate Painting for Non-Majors, ART 113 Advanced Painting for Non-Majors, ART 121 Introduction to Printmaking ART 205 Human Life Drawing, ART 224 Intermediate Printmaking, ART 235 Figure Drawing Research, ART 255 Beginning Painting, ART 256 Intermediate Painting, and ART 257 Advanced Painting.

Humanities Courses: Lake Washington Institute of Technology