The Dynamic and Static studios are the primary classrooms for applied art education at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. These spaces are the prototype for the three new art classrooms in the college’s Center for Design, which is under construction starting in the spring of 2024.

Dynamic Studio | Lake Washington Institute of Technology | Kirkland, Washington:

Role: When I was hired in 2008, there were no dedicated art making studios on the campus of LWTECH. I taught drawing, painting, and even printmaking in general education classroom spaces, often without sinks and natural light. The environmental limitations had negative impacts on teaching and learning. It was critical that our students could work in the appropriate facilities.

Process: LWTECH has a variety of classrooms and shops. I explored the entire campus to find suitable spaces. When the allied health programs moved to their new building, I proposed converting two nursing classrooms into two art classrooms. With the support of Dean of Instruction and the Vice President of Instruction, I petitioned the Facilities Committee to convert these two spaces for the Visual Art Department. This was a multi-year process that initially gained the rooms as a temporary solution, but as the Art Department course offerings grew, I was able to secure these spaces permanently. Both of these rooms have natural light, adaptive light, storage, sinks, and room for large printmaking presses.

Partnering with the adjunct faculty, and both the Design and Art Instructional Tech Aides (IST), we were able to source essential equipment and furnishings such as model stands, easels, rolling carts, tables, flat files, and storage solutions.

Partnering with Facilities, IT, and eLearning we were able to secure projectors, large monitors, computers and tablets with graphics software, adaptive lighting, and a washout area.

Deliverables: The Dynamic Art Studio is dedicated to art classes that require flexible workspace and furnishings, such as easels, drawing horses, still life tables, and model stands. Lighting is adaptive and power is supplied on the wall and drop the ceiling. There are multiple sinks in this studio. Flat files and cabinets provide employee and student storage of supplies and projects. Classes taught in the Dynamic Studio include Painting, Drawing and Life Drawing.

Static Studio | Lake Washington Institute of Technology | Kirkland, Washington:

The Static Studio facilitates learning at fixed tables. The studio is also equipped with three etching presses, including a large Glen Alps Collagraph press. There are also two multi-color screen print presses, a UV exposure unit, and external wash-out area. Classes taught in this space include Printmaking and Design.

The installation of the Glen Alps press was a significant project involving building engineers and a commercial moving company. The press had to be completely disassembled for transportation to the college, as well as delivery into the studio.